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What is HOPCHU ?

In today’s world with hectic work schedule of parents, children commute to school, by school bus. School buses have pick up points for children and the drivers expect children to be on time or else miss the bus. As parents don’t you battle everyday to wake up early in the morning to get your child ready for school, not wanting to miss the bus? On returning, don’t you worry if your child has reached home safely, so what if all your worries are eliminated?

HOPCHU helps you to do so. Hopchu is a service that gives you daily notifications and updates about your child using biometric identification from a few minutes before he/she boards the bus till the child reaches home safely. It’s easy to avail this service, all you need to do is to register your child and get to know when the bus approaches your pick up point , when your child boards the bus reaches school and while he/she returns back home. Hopchu gives you real-time updates along with the current drivers name while pick and drop.

Download Hopchu right away on your android mobile phone from Google Play and start receiving notifications immediately. Currently Hopchu service is being provided to different schools in Pune.

Hopchu is currently available on Android Phones only !


Real Time Notifications

Using cutting edge technology Hopchu determines the location of the school bus. It also notifies you each time your child enters the bus and leaves it for school and Vice Versa.

Easy Installation

Using Hopchu is very easy. Register your child in 3 steps on your popular Android Phone today!

Cost Effective

Voucher Coupon costs as much as a meal for two.Voucher validity upto 1 Year with no extra costs.

Biometric Identification

The future is here. No longer does biometric technology reside in pop culture sci-fi.Get blazing fast notifications as and when biometric attendance is given by the driver and the student.

Registration Steps Using Hopchu App


Registration step 1

After downloading the Hopchu App from Android Play-Store, launch it and go-to Step 2.



Registration step 2

Enter a valid E-mail Address and the desired password.Click on register and continue to step 3.

Select Child(s)

Registration step 3

Here , Choose the number of children to be registered with Hopchu.
Continue to step 4.


Registration step 4

Enter specific details of individual child and re-check before submitting.


Registration step 5

Check the details and continue to voucher code box.
Input your one time voucher code to start using Hopchu !
If you cannot register with the application drop us a line through our contact page or you can click here to register online.